International Women Fly Fishers

Connects women in fly fishing. We are a nonprofit organization formed to bring women fly fishers together -- through our website, through a managed chat line called IWFF Talk, through an annual Festival, regional fishing Rendezvous, support of women's fly fishing clubs, a quarterly newsletter, and special projects which this year involve teaching teens to fly fish. We are a source of women's information and feedback to the fly fishing industry, and appreciate the industry's broad support. Our activities include education and fun in all aspects of the sport.

WFF's Club

Liaison Committee welcomes you to "Club Corners," a quarterly report of women's fly fishing clubs and their activities.

IWFF Welcomes 2 Clubs from Ireland joining us: Irish Ladies Fly Fishing Association and Ladies International Fly Fishing Association.

Meet a new Club, Women Fly Fishing of Belgium! Founded April 19, 2002. These ladies are fishing all of Europe.

And meet a new young ladies team, Fishingforeveryone Team of the United Kingdom, founded by Lucy Bowden at her school. The members are 14 girls, ages 13 through 16. Such an inspiration!

Chesapeake Women Anglers of Maryland/Virginia did a successful presentation on “Women Fly Fishing Clubs-- How to Get it Going and What Keeps it Going” at the IWFF 2005 Festival. The club’s Fish, Lunch, Learn (FLL) is a popular outing for their members.

Connecticut Women Anglers On the Fly had its $200 donation to the Rapid River Brook Trout Project tripled by Orvis to $600.

Dame Juliana Anglers of Arizona is pleased to announce that Cinda Howard has been promoted to new Fly Fishing Manager of the Orvis Store located at Keirland Commons in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Northwest Women Flyfishers of Washington continue their recycling of cell phones to the Help Save Fish Campaign in support of their local conservation projects.

Shasta Mayflies of California are promoting a campaign to buy the U.S. postage stamp, “Women of Color,” in support of breast cancer research. The notion that buying a book of stamps could raise $35 million is powerful!

Stonefly Maidens of Oregon have a unique system of teaching their members the “tools” they will need to fish a particular area, then scheduling a fish-along the following Saturday.

Guide news: Dana Rikimaru is a local guide in Denver, Colorado, also author of A Woman's Guide to Flyfishing, was featured in a full page article in the Rocky Mountain News of 2/25/05! Congratulations Dana!

Rendezvous in Taos, New Mexico, April 21-24
IWFF is hosting a regional Rendezvous in Taos, NM for women flyfishers. Tie on a caddis fly and cast your line in the famous Rio Grande River. Fish for brown trout, and even Northern pike in the waters around Taos. Reasonable lodging prices. Plenty of time to fish, and shop, visit art galleries, see the country's oldest active pueblo dating back centuries, and have excellent southwest dining.
Members $80 registration; nonmembers of IWFF, $105. Contact Susan Hunter to attend: Great fishing, great time!

IWFFTalk - Be a part of the women's fishing chat network.

IWFF manages a chat line for women anglers. This is wonderful and quick way to get fishing information from other women anglers all across the country -- in UK, Japan, Belgium, Sweden, Canada and Australia as well. If you have a question about fishing techniques, problems, or have some good fishing news to share, contact Susan Eggert at to join IWFFTalk. On the network are women guides, women fishing beginners, women in the fishing industry, advanced anglers, well ... you get the idea. Your fishing "sisters" on the network are happy to help.